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Cartridge Paper A3 100gsm 500 Sheets 490-558

Cartridge Paper A3 100gsm 500 Sheets

Cartridge Paper A3 100gsm 500 Sheets 490-558

Ideal for: General drawing and sketching


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Being lost in your work, oblivious to the world outside, that’s what we want of students, right? When they are engaged, they’re happy.
Yet it’s easy to overlook the bigger picture when budgets are tight. Schools use a lot of paper, every design student needs it, but it’s a minefield out there. The worst case scenario is having lots of stock sitting on the shelf, because no one wants to use it.

It’s not just paper

It’s a blank canvas to create ideas that one day may change the world. It’s a window to an individual’s soul. It’s the opportunity to improve grades.

This is why we’ve selected cartridge paper that’s highly rated by teachers. The excellent even texture with a versatile matt white surface is a joy to draw and paint on. Specially sized for wet strength, it takes all mediums, so shapes and colour pop from the page.

What we love most about this paper is the cost, it’s incredibly affordable. In fact, many schools already use it, and because we sell a lot, you’ll find we’re likely cheaper than your current supplier. Made in the UK without acid or chlorine, it’s environmentally friendly and FSC certified.

Size: A3
Weight: 100gsm
Ideal for: General drawing and sketching
Weight (g) 0.0000


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