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Printing & Education: Creating a sustainable Autodesk sponsored sessioneco system

Philip Cotton - D&T Teacher |  Associate Facilitator National STEM Learning  |  Founder Learnbylayers.com

Learning Objectives

1. How 3D printers work and their relevance in education

2. How to create a sustainable eco-system in 3D printing

3. How to design and prepare models for 3D 


Workshop Description

Learn how 3D printing is being used in the classroom and what should be considered to create a sustainable eco system. Learn how to design and slice models to enable you to fully understand the process involved with using 3D printers in a STEM curriculum.

This workshop will focus on the concept of 3D printing and STEM Education and how to integrate 3D printers successfully into lessons. Within the 

workshop there will be an emphasis on how 3D printers work and how to apply sustainable design practices into 3D printing lessons. The session will also cover the wider and broader areas of additive manufacturing to ensure students are fully aware of the benefits of using 3D printing as a design and iteration tool.

As part of this workshop there will be a session on how to design models with students using Autodesk Fusion 360 and how to prepare STL files for 3D printing using CURA. Finally, there will be an example of how 3D printing can be successfully used at KS4 GSCE as an iterative design tool to solve real 

world everyday problems.

Workshop Resources

You will receive the following resources from attending this session:

Supporting CAD instructions for the modelling tutorials.