TSL International

Extending Human Capacity

James Bleach - Head of Design & Technology, Tanglin Trust School

Learning Objectives

1.  Develop a range of approaches to help pupils avoid fixation when generating ideas

2. Construct a series of models to support teaching and learning

3. Create a solution to help extend human capacity

Workshop Description

Avoiding fixation when working within a given context. This Workshop will follow a STEM teaching and learning exercise through a range of practical activities.

During this workshop, staff will look at how to implement real life problems as a focus for STEM projects which can be adapted to suit each key stage. Staff will take part in a range of design and practical activities and receive a full scheme of work and resources. The aim is to look at a range of contexts as a starting point for children but to follow one through as a teaching and learning exercise with the use of 3D printed prosthetics and modelling techniques.

Workshop Resources

You will receive the following resources from attending this session:

1.  Project Scheme of Work, additional resources used to teach the topic in the form of worksheets and .stl files.