TSL International

Tim BrotherhoodAndy MitchellSTEM into Action - Flight in the classroom

Andy Mitchell - Deputy Chief Executive, DATA

Tim Brotherhood - Consultant - DATA

Learning Objectives

1.  Understanding the physics of flight

2.  Using parametric 3D modelling software to create and edit aircraft shapes

3.  Use 3D printing and CNC machining to create parts

4.  Use FEA and physical light testing to validate designs and inform design improvements

Workshop Description

Experience an iterative approach to the design, manufacture and testing small foam aircraft using the latest CAD and CNC and 3D printing equipment.

During this workshop, delegates will develop there awareness of the physics of flight and put it to use in the designing and making of fixed model aircraft that they can then test. Using iterative processes, they will use CAD to develop and improve the design of model aircraft that are CNC machined from blue foam.  These are then test flown by using ‘round the pole’ (RTP) on a tether equipment and modified to improve performance. The workshop will explore building this STEM activity into a school’s schemes of work, with particular reference to the D&T curriculum.

Workshop Resources

You will receive the following resources from attending this session:

1.  PDF PupilDA booklet
2.  Teachers’ notes
3.  CAD models and STL files for machining/printing
4.  Materials from the workshop practicals