TSL International

Embracing Sustainability with Systems & Control: Solving Real World Issues

Evo Hannan - Spark Tank Coordinator, Dwight School, Dubai

Learning Objectives

1.Learn how to develop a basic project using modular robotics

2.Learn how to develop a project using Picaxe

3. Understand and learn how you can contribute towards the UN sustainable goals

Workshop Description

What if our ideas could change the world? The #INN4SDGs initiative promotes students to use their innovative thinking skills to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges and ultimately help humanity for the greater good.

A number of projects have been developed to serve the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, two of which will be presented during this workshop using system and control tools to bring them to life through coding and programming.

Project 1 will introduce the idea of creating a device to help remote global communities using Modi modular electronics, a great introduction for younger students (11-13).

Project 2 will take things one step further by introducing the idea of developing electronics to serve a greater purpose using Picaxe. This is more suitable for students aged 14 onwards. The workshop will also provide exemplar work and resources so teachers can participate in these projects and competitions on a global scale post-conference.

Workshop Resources

You will receive the following resources from attending this session:

1.  Resource pack containing starter activities

2.  Simple projects you can use in your classroom straight away