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Crown Tenon Saw 500-219

Crown Tenon Saw

Crown Tenon Saw 500-219

Classic Crown tenon saw.


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There’s nothing quite like using a ‘proper’ hand tool. Balance and control, marks the difference between making a cut, and feeling a cut. So if you’re serious about creating the future makers right there in your classroom, it’s worth the investment in a quality tenon saw.

Made in the steel city Sheffield, UK, Crown tenon saws are produced from a high carbon steel, so they stay sharp for longer. They are resharpenable, so they last 10 times longer than a budget option, making them a cost saving investment. And the solid brass back stops the blade flexing, so the cut is easier to make, which is perfect for young students.

To really appreciate this tool though, you have to hold it. The solid beechwood handle, attached by rivets feels like something honed by a master craftsman. It’s easy to forget that you’re not one yourself.

Size: 250mm (10in) x 15tpi
Weight (g) 0

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