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  • Seno Flux applicator SN140


    "A flux applicator which applies a protective lacquer to a clean etched circuit, preventing any further oxidisation. Lacquer also acts as an excellent solder flux."

    Seno Flux applicator SN140
  • Immerse Tin Powder 90g


    Immerse tin powder 90g to make 1 litre. (Dissolve in water at 50° use at room temperature. Coverage 1.5-2 microns in an hour 4.5 microns in 2 hours

    Immerse Tin Powder 90g
  • Immerse Tin Powder 450g


    Immerse tin 450g to make 5 litres. Ideal for use in PCB processing tanks. Care should be exercised when handling mixing and using PCB chemicals.

    Immerse Tin Powder 450g
  • Seno Liquid Developer 1 Litre


    The premium developer for processing our many types of Photoresist. Very safe and stable and contains no Sodium Hydroxide. The 1 litre concentrate will make 20 litres of working solution.

    Seno Liquid Developer 1 Litre

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