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  • Sifbronze Flux 500g


    Sifbronze flux for general purpose welding and brazing.

    Sifbronze Flux 500g
  • Solder 22swg 500g


    60/40 Tin/Lead alloys with 5 cores of non corrosive flux. The 'Savbit' alloy will help prevent corrosion of copper soldering bits.

    Solder 22swg 500g
  • Low Fume Solder 18swg 500g


    60/40 Tin/Lead alloy with low fume high purity halide free flux core. For use where a minimum of fume and residue are required.

    Low Fume Solder 18swg 500g
  • Rosin Free Solder 22swg 500g


    This high purity cored solder is formulated without the use of halides. It has a flux core which does not contain Rosin (colophony) resin acids or pine oil/tree derivatives.

    Rosin Free Solder 22swg 500g
  • Fastflow Solder 22swg 500g


    Fast-flow hardcore solder is a flux core contained within a high purity solder wire. It eliminates soldering defects has no offensive odours and is an assured non-corrosive no-clean

    Fastflow Solder 22swg 500g
  • Tip Tinner Cleaner 23g



    Tip Tinner Cleaner 23g

9 Item(s)

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