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  • Fisher Steel Rule 150mm


    150mm Stainless steel rule. Graduated on two edges in mm and figured every 10mm.

    Fisher Steel Rule 150mm
  • Maun W-Shape Safety Rule 300mm


    Chrome plated 'W' shape safety rule. For safe cutting with a knife.

    Maun W-Shape Safety Rule 300mm
  • Helix Safety Rule 300mm


    Aluminium safety rule recessed down the centre of the rule so that fingers are protected when used for cutting work. The rule has a foam backing making it non-slip

    Helix Safety Rule 300mm
  • Fisher Metric and Imperial Rule 300mm


    300mm Stainless steel rule. Figured every inch / cm.

    Fisher Metric and Imperial Rule 300mm
  • Metric Rule 300mm


    300mm stainless steel rule with satin finish. The back has a useful conversion table.

    Metric Rule 300mm
  • Steel Rule 300mm


    Stainless steel rule. This is our best seller and offers outstanding value. It has clear black markings against a satin background. They are graduated on two edges

    Steel Rule 300mm

9 Item(s)

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