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Introducing the
F1 in Schools STEM Studio

a complete solution for engineering education for schools and colleges around the world.

Coupling a standalone facility with the fully-resourced, internationally-renowned STEM education programme, F1 in Schools, this class-leading solution is driving modern learning.

A collaboration between...

Create an environment where 21st century skills can flourish…

Creative and manufacturing industries around the world are increasingly calling out for education to provide school leavers and graduates who are equipped to succeed in workplaces of the future.

The world’s rapidly changing economies require more than just hard skills, and the F1 in Schools STEM Studio provides not only practical skills, but also has the ability to develop such skills as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication, through a cross-curricular, multi-disciplined teaching and learning approach.

What's inside...

The air conditioned* STEM Studio features a collaboration area with audio visual equipment, workbenches with power trunking, CADCAM and woodworking machinery, 3D printers, and the full F1 in Schools competition kit – as well as storage cupboards and a full complement of hand tools and accessories.

  • F1 Test Equipment - Air Visualisation System
  • F1 Race Equipment - F1 Race Track & F1 Race Control System
  • F1 Class Car Consumables
  • Denford CNC Router
  • Denford CNC Milling Machine
  • Denford CNC Lathe
  • Laser Engraving Machine
  • 3D Printers
  • Manual Machines
  • Benching
  • Small Tools & Consumables Packages

*The International version of the STEM Studio is fitted with a higher specified Air-Conditioning System to cope with extreme temperatures

Launched in 2000, the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge is now recognised as the world’s largest STEM competition, and engages 26,000 schools from 48 countries every year through regional, national, and international events.

For further information, visit f1inschools.com

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